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Johnny Straitz


TMR Rescue is home to over 400 rescued donkeys, mules, and horses, both wild and domestic. Our Todd Mission Ranch Rescue is on a mission to change long held misconceptions about longears, and give them back their rightful place in the history books.


We provide our equines with their veterinary needs, nutrition, and rehabilitation, as well as providing them with the love and compassion that some of them have never known. We love what we do, and are happy to share our world and our  mission with you.



At TMR Rescue our purpose is to ensure all the animals have the best possible support system.  Our employees, volunteers, and donors play an important role insuring we are meeting the needs of our equine friends.   Without all of you it would be impossible to continue providing the level of service they deserve.  


With that, donations are critical to our continued operations.   Currently we have several projects that we are planning that are dependent on the support we receive from people like you!  Please check out our Projects page and donate today!

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our mission.

Without volunteers and their selfless commitment to help with all these animals we would not be able to continue our mission to help so many animals.


We have volunteers of all ages and walks of life that come out every week to help with everything from mucking stalls to providing clean water to all the animals. 


  It is hard work that makes a difference.  You see it every day when the animals come up to you and say hi! Now where are my carrots???  

We know you would love to become a part of this volunteer family!  Check out our resource page today and get signed up to help these wonderful animals and fill your soul with happiness 


TMR Rescue
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