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Welcome to Johnny's Corner

Every month we will share something special from TMR Rescue.  Whether it's one of our amazing animals, employees, volunteers, or information, we look forward to bringing you something heartwarming or informative.   

Do you have an animal that is in need of rescue, or know of someone that needs to surrender a canine or feline?   Use this link to locate a rescue facility near you.  

Are you looking for resources for equines?

Are you interested in learning more about Donkeys?


Our Ambassador

Benny at the Forum.jpg

Benny, our remarkable Ambassador stands out for his exceptional calmness and patience with both children and adults, always welcoming affection and treats. His unique ability as a potty-trained donkey allows him to visit various facilities.

Benny, Defying the odds!


Benny, one of our many success stories was  in critical condition when he was rescued.  Through the dedication of our staff and TAMU we were able to help him to recover and become the official Ambassador of TMR.  Click here to learn about  his amazing medical journey.  

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