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Hooves, Heart, & Home
The Equine Adoption Path

Thank you for taking a moment to explore the journey of equine adoption. At TMR Rescue, each donkey, mule, and horse has a unique story waiting to be shared. Perhaps there's an equine looking to intertwine its tale with yours.

Adopting means not only offering a loving home but also championing the idea that every equine life is full of potential and deserves love and respect.

Collaboration is the heartbeat of our efforts at TMR. Our passionate team, backed by the invaluable contributions of our volunteers and donors, ensures that every equine receives the medical care, nutrition, and affection they rightfully deserve. There's always room for one more heartwarming connection.

Are you intrigued by the joyful sound of a donkey's bray or the steady pace of a mule's trot? Whether you're just beginning to consider the idea or ready to take the leap, we invite you to delve deeper, learn more, and perhaps discover that special equine companion waiting for you.

From all of us at TMR Rescue, thank you for your interest. Every glance, every thought, every consideration paves the way toward a brighter future for our equine friends.

Beginning the process

Before the process begins we want to take a moment and set expectations for the adoption, which includes a minimum of 4 hours of training time with the animals at our facility.    Please download the letter below which details the process of bringing an animal home.

Application to adopt

Please download this fillable PDF, enter your information and email it back to us at 

Applications generally take7-10 business days to process, so please be patient. 

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