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We have big plans at Todd Mission Ranch Rescue, but we can't do it without you!

This is a listing of some projects that were are actively fundraising for.   

Whether it's a dollar donated or your expertise we are always looking to insure that the animals at TMR are our top priority.   Donate today or contact if you can help these beautiful creatures get the care and comfort they deserve. 

Who can say no to donkeys that are this cute?

Baby Donkey
Donkies with hats


  • Removal of all fans in the barn area

  • Industrial fan installation (arena area)

  • New stall fans

  • Removal of old insulation

  • Replace broken lights and upgrade to LED

  • Repair fly mitigation spray system

  • Overhead door repair-Completed

  • 2 large concrete pads

  • Buildout to add office and storage

  • Wind/sun breaker for animals

  • Reorganize pen system to allow for easier feeding


  • Restore Mammoth pen area (mud and fence system)

  • Repair damaged drainage systems 

  • Repair/replace watering stations

  • Pave entrance to facility and into the break/tool barn areas

  • Remove (recycle) miscellaneous metal on the property 

  • Replace carpet in main office, repaint and refinish- Completed

  • Re-level property areas that were washed out

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