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Welcome to our VIP (Volunteer In Person) program!  


We have lots of of opportunities here on the ranch for you to help out while having a terrific time!   We are always busy here at TMR, and would love to have you join us.  Please get in touch, and let's find a time to connect.  You can come several times a week, or whatever fits your schedule.  The donkeys are watching for you! 


Our VIP* Team

*(Volunteer In Person)

Come Meet the TMR  Residents

Make an appointment.  Call ______. 

Spend A Day At TMR 

Come see what a full day here is like.

Foster A TMR Donkey 

Take donkeys home with you for a while.

Sponsor a Donkey At TMR 

Help us finance the care of 'your' TMR burro.

Mike and Donna

Donkey Spoilers

Since the first day we met, Donna and Mike have been a positive energy force for our rescue. We are so grateful to them on so many levels. Without them there would not have been a Charlie. They have found a new energy in loving donkeys and wonder why they had not discovered them sooner. They are going to make up for lost time! They are offering to volunteer in ways that will be so helpful to us, from playing with babies, to driving on rescues and providing us with awesome t-shirts. Donna has business savvy too and will help me tremendously in getting my new office in order. 


TLC Provider

Amy came to TMR in ...


Groom and Gentling Assistant

Tom is an amazing volunteer.  He jumps right in and takes the reins on grooming, gentling, and giving good scratches.  Tom stops in every time he has a run thru Texas. 


Boy Scout


Andrew was a special guest  at TMR Rescue!  We helped Andrew earn his Boy Scout equine badge. It was a great day for all.  Andrew was an exception to our age requirement due to the Boy Scouts of America carrying their own liability insurance


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