From heartwarming and fulfilling experiences, to events resulting in heartbreak and sadness, The Texas Miracle Ranch has been at the heart of many, many very special stories.  We'd like to share some about the lives we have loved, and and sometimes lost. 



When you look at the stars tonight, pick out the brightest one, and you will be seeing Charlie. Charlie was special. Everyone at TMR Rescue Inc. is devastated today. So are all the wonderful doctors at TAMU and Brazos Valley Equine Hospitalwho worked so hard to save this very special baby. It just was not to be. 

With all the rain, it is particularly gloomy but the sun did come out while we laid him to rest. This morning, at 9:47 am Charlie's spirit flew. He was resting in my arms, with his ears on my heart when his spirit was set free. He is now shining brightly down on all of us who loved him dearly. Thank you for all the love you sent his way. I know it helped. My heart is broken.  Click here to read The Miracle.


The odds against Benny surviving his ordeal of malnutrition were so great that it is a true miracle that he is still with us today.  He is thriving now, but this was not the case when we rescued Benny on January 6th, 2015 along with his father, brother, mother and aunt.  All were in such bad shape that we did not even return to the ranch.  I headed straight to TAMU where they gave 39 lb Benny a 20% chance of survival.  Then, his bladder burst and his survival was considered to by many impossible.  But, to the credit of TAMU staff, they did not give up on this little fighter.  Benny is alive today because he had the will to live and he had great care from professionals who would not give up on him.  Click here to read Benny Meets A Miracle.



There are donkeys that earn respect for character, and Blue Boy was at the top of the list.  This amazing domestic donkey was traveling with a herd of wild burros in SW TX when he was struck by a speeding car and left on the side of the road to die.  Good fortune came his way when he was discovered by kind hearted locals who loved the wild burros in the area.  They knew who Marjorie was because of her work to save the wild burros of SW TX from being shot by Texas Parks and Wildlife at Big Bend Ranch State Park so they reached out to ask if she could help. As the founder of Wild Burro Protection League, Marjorie had developed connections in that area, and she gave them the name of a friend who gladly came with his trailer so they could get him to help.  Unfortunately, the veterinarians they called in for Blue Boy's care did not respect donkeys and they gave this caring couple terrible advice and allowed him to lie down with a radial nerve injury.  When the couple realized Blue Boy was not responding to treatment they sent him to TMR, where we tried to make up for lost time.  (More to come.)