We have a lot going on at TMR!  Here are just a few of our current projects and development plans for the future.

The Charlie Project / Charlie's Haven


My name is Charlie.  I lived 111 days, and I was loved by people all over the world.  My life did not start too well.  My mom abandoned me when I was born because she knew I was sick.  Nice people found me and took me to TMR Rescue where they tried so hard to save me.  The best doctors in Texas tried to figure out what was making me so sick all of the time, but by the time they found out, it was too late to save me although they tried the surgery anyway. But, I was always meant to be a teacher, a guide.  My journey did not end when I left my physical body.  My journey continues with the Charlie Project.  So little is known about donkeys.  That is why they could not figure out what was killing me.  The Charlie Project is a database of donkey cases to help veterinarians solve what ails their patients.  I am also excited to know that TMR Rescue wants to build its own medical building and call it Charlie's Haven.  I am your guide. (Read my story by clicking here)

Donkeys 101


So, you have a new pair of donkeys! Now that you have them home, you want to know how to provide the best of care for them.  You want to know about their behaviors.  And, you want to know the best methods for helping your new friends be good citizens.  We are happy to help. From nutition to training humans to understand their donkey's behaviors, we can help.  We want your donkeys to thrive and for you to feel confident in caring for them.  TMR Rescue will offer classes and hands on training to help you with your questions.  Until we have that program up and running, please feel free to contact Marjorie with questions about caring for your own donekys any time.  Marjorie's email address is donkeys.can.do@gmail.com

Eagle Scouts Badge Program


Andrew Graziano and his father John are proposing to build a memorial garden for our beloved equine who have crossed over. Andrew will do this project to earn his Eagle badge, and we could not be prouder that he chose us to be the beneficiaries of his achievement!   Shortly after getting this wonderful pledge from Andrew to build the memorial garden, we were blessed with a promise made by Jeff Davis who is also working for his Eagle badge.  Jeff is designing and building the bridge we have needed for so long!  Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The designation "Eagle Scout" has a long history since its founding over one hundred years ago. A Scout who attains this rank is part of a very small percentage of Boy Scouts.  TMR Rescue is proud to be affiliated with the Eagle Scouts of America.


Senior Moments Outreach Program


TMR Rescue loves to bring smiles to the faces of our seniors.  The interaction with donkeys is a calming experience.  It is medically proven that animals bring the heart rate down and has positive effects on their mental well being.  For us, the experience is certainly heartwarming as we watch the smiles grow.  It is especially notable when we hear stories of donkeys loved and lost in the past. We have been surprised by the number of seniors who had donkeys in their lives as youth and relish hearing the stories. However, the most rewarding experience is to meet a withdrawn senior and watch as the donkeys bring them out of their shell to the point of wanting to interact.  Depression is often seen in seniors who have lost the ability to move around freely. The donkeys are certainly helpful in addressing the sadness that sets in for these worthy souls who can no longer feel the freedom of getting out like they once did.  


Long Ears and Listening Ears
Educational Programs for Children


We love scheduling programs for children.  School children, who are accompanied by their teachers, learn about giving back to their community through our volunteer program. We have numerous activities that will fit all ages above the age of 10  while providing the children with an enriching experience.  TMR donkeys also go to school!  And when they do, the children love them!  We enjoy opportunities to educate children about the history of America's donkeys and wild burros and the importance of preserving their history.  We also discuss caring for these special beings, while the children and teacher get to pet, feel, and enjoy some of our 'teaching moment' donkeys up close and personal.  To schedule, please send us an e-mail at donkeys.can.do@gmail.com for this fun opportunity to give back to our community with an experience the children will never forget.