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We have a volunteer program that includes teaching baby donkeys how to lead and walk over obstacles, riding our horses and mules (must qualify and wear protective helmet), grooming all of our equine (must qualify for handling experience), handing out brochures (can do this from anywhere), heading up a program to take donkeys into nursing homes (needs to be set up, we have this as a dream mission), heading up a therapy program for wounded warriors (must be set up, it is a dream program, planting and maintaining a flower garden in front of the rescue, grant writer (badly needed), 


Our little Texas miracle ranch is devoted to preserving endangered equine both wild and domestic, protecting equine in distress and giving them a safe and happy home, promoting the benefits of spending time with equine, and educating the public about the various issues surrounding equine in modern times.  We have a real passion for longears at TMR Rescue, and are devoted to stimulating medical research specific to them because they have been largely ignored by the medical community.  We intend to change this mindset and share the charismatic character of the donkey with the world. 



Babies (learning to lead, walk over obstacles, allowing handling







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