We have lost some our dearest human, equine, and canine friends at TMR over the years.  We offer this page as a tribute to those beloved ones who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.


Bonnie was a Amish draft mule that came to us after she was found forgotten in a field.  She was sold in her teens, after years of being worked too hard, too young, and pulling too much weight, to a man who used her to pull wagons in parades.  As part of a bonded team, she and her partner Clyde were given a second chance by this man, when they were purchased at auction.  Had he not taken an interest, they would have gone to slaughter, which is the usual fate of Amish mules and horses who have passed their prime working years. Life was good for Bonnie and Clyde for a few years until this gentleman decided the team had reached retirement age.  He sold Clyde, to uncle Johnny's cousin and put Bonnie out to pasture where she was forgotten until uncle Johnny sent his cousin looking for Clyde's partner.  She was in terrible shape, thin and in need of medical care for untreated canker growths on her hooves.  See more about Bonnie here.  


The loss of Star Wars was devasting to all of us.  This wonderful 28 year old horse showed the depth of his heart and soul to us when he fell head over heels in love with Bonnie.  Everyday he waited at the gate for her to be turned out to his pasture, and everyday he guarded her from the other mares.  If they came near he chased them away.  He seemed to understand just how frail she was, never letting his guard down in her presence.  After she passed away, he stood vigil over her grave and gave a final good bye.  His final years were spent heading up the same mares he had previously chased off from his one true love.  As matriarch he struck a balance of control and inclusion that was admirable.  Star Wars lived well and died of natural causes proud and beautiful.  We miss him, but now he is with his beloved Bonnie and we can't be sad about that.  For more about Star Wars click here.


Richard Allen volunteered at TMR after selling his Alpine, TX store due to health issues.  When he passed away, Richard's wife Charlotte asked us to bring his favorite donkey, Susie, to his memorial service- which we did.  WE felt humbled by this loving church that embraced us and allowed Susie to come in and join the members as they remembered this wonderful, loving man. We were grateful and honored when members of the church made donations to TMR Rescue in his name.  See more about our friend Richard, his burro buddies, and his very unique and special memorial service here.  


Early on, we knew we had a very special donkey. She more than proved it on one occasion when Marjorie and friends were playing 'Follow the Leader'.  This involved going places with mounts that the next person either passed, or tried. Marjorie decided to take Hannah down an incline that was next to an old spillway. It was very steep and surrounded by rocks and boulders, with a big drop off on the other side. Marjorie was confident until she realized that she had not taken into account the fact that she was bareback. She started to slide forward on Hannah with no withers to stop her. Clinging to her neck with her knees, Marjorie was starting to believe the she'd made a huge mistake and would fall- probably breaking her neck. Before she could panic, Hannah sat down. Seriously- she squatted on her haunches while Marjorie scooted back into position, grabbing a huge hunk of her mane to keep herself in place. Then, Hannah righted herself and off they went. Needless to say, Marjorie was forever grateful to her beautiful girl for saving her from a very painful fall. Hannah was amazing!  For more about Hannah click here.


To say that she was wonderful only begins to describe the dog we loved named Sheila. Everywhere we look on this ranch there is a memory that includes her. She lived to protect. She lived to enrich our lives. She lived and made her love of life the template for who she was.  See more photos and read Sheila's story here.    



Sandy paid us a visit last year on her way to MD Anderson.  She had a special bond with all of the equine that was magical.  It was as if they knew her kind heart and just how frail her body was.  It was amazing to watch them handle her so gently.  We had a baby donkey here, named Benny who was fighting for his life.  Sandy and Benny bonded in an unspeakable way.  They shared a fighting spirit.  Benny fought his battle with her and neither of them ever gave up.  I will never be able to spend time with Benny now, without seeing him nestled in her loving arms as he was when she visited.  We miss you Sandy.  Please give our loved ones a hug for us and tell them they are missed. We named two donkeys after you and your devoted husband Mike. Sandy and Mike are always together and stick up for each other at all times. The names fit these two amazing donkeys who represent two loving people.  Until we meet again, Sandy, peace.


We tried so hard to save him.  We believed we could, and we came so close.  So close. Sadly, we failed. Blue Boy's personality was inspiring to us all.  He had a strong will to live, and an outlook on life that only saw the good in humans.  His sense of humor throughout his long convalesence was enough to bring tears to our eyes.  He loved life and he loved people.  Blue Boy lived a colorful, eventful life that was as unique as his personality.  He came to us from Southwest TX after he was found injured from being hit by a car on hwy 118 as he roamed freely with a herd of wild burros. Blue Boy's story would have ended there had he not had the help of concerned locals who arranged to get him out of the road and to safety.  They tried to heal his radial nerve, but after three months, they realized that the treatments available where they were located were inadequate for the severity of his injury. This is when Blue Boy came to us and a year long effort to safe him began.  If you want to read more about this amazing donkey, please click here


Cece has been with us for over five years.  We were suprised when this paso fino mare was given the age of 40 plus years old by our veterinarian. She was such a healthy looking girl with great teeth!  Unusual in a horse her age.  One day, a few months ago she was observed down in the pasture, pressing her head against the ground.  She was taken to Brazos Valley Equine hospital for observation.  Sadly, she quietly laid down and died later that day.  Her report showed that she had an aneurysm to the blood vessel leading to her liver.  This explained the head pressing observed by our volunteer.  She had lead a long and healthy life, with very few medical issues. So, her sudden illness was out of character for her.  She was commonly seen on Golden Acres (our senior pasture) standing under her favorite tree quietly, by herself.  It is good to know she was able to enjoy the comfort of retirement at TMR Rescue.  Rest in peace, dear Cece.  

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